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The huge blue mirror of the Mediterranean sea has been for centuries source of support and inspiration for dozens of different civilizations. The richness of artistic expressions in cultures that have leaned this sea has aroused the creative concern of Todozancos company togheter with the designer Paola Delbalzo.

Inspired by the surrealist art of Salvador Dali, the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudi and figures from classical mythology, it has been developed a show of bodily expression on stilts with a great visual impact, where the street theater art, contemporary circus and merge on stage"

Four fantastic characters from the depths wake up in the scenic space ready to decipher, with the help of an ancient papyrus, attributes and treasures of the earth and its inhabitants. They begin their itinerant adventure by discovering the place and the spectators around them, inviting them to participate in comic and absurd theatrical dynamics such as "Prova del Grumete" and "S.O.S To the rescue !!!", resulting in a dynamic, participatory and surprising show.