The Circ-A association

CIRC-A was born in Barcelona, ​​at the end of 2019, out of the need to find a meeting and creation space for artists and groups with the aim of generating artistic projects for social transformation. Its members have fifteen years of experience in the myriad of entertainment and street theater and circus animation. The association supports the projects of its members through the search for spaces for residences and micro-financing, assistance in creation, logistics and production of artistic projects that promote coexistence and social transformation of the neighborhood. We organize talks and debates to spread cultural information in the city, networks and job opportunities for artists.

It is linked to public and private entities in the neighborhood to work together on cultural initiatives and projects (Casal del Barrio Pozo de la higuera, Encircant el barri, La Oculta Association, Zirkolika Magazine, Papallona Circus Art Shop)

The association works with the objective of guaranteeing meetings and activities with partners with a perspective of gender diversity, anti-racism and ethnic-racial diversity through a declaration of principles guaranteeing the commitment of the association's management, and a signed declaration of the partners that comprise it, zero tolerance in relation to any conduct or attitude constituting sexual and/or racist harassment.

Functional Juggling

The functional juggling installation are modules designed and created to perform juggling games with balls, rings and tubes. The creation and construction of modules is done through bibliographical, empirical and practical research on functional juggling.

Totally original and innovative recreational activity, where the practice of individual skills (psychomotor skills, dexterity, laterality, coordination and rhythm, body confidence, self-esteem) and group skills (coordination, listening and group rhythm, respect for the different capacities, positive predisposition to play with the other)

It is an installation created to carry out a playful, creative and above all inclusive activity, since it allows any person, group and collective to be able to carry it out, and generating empowerment and active participation in traditional circus and juggling activities.

This characteristic also opens the possibility of using the installation and functional juggling as a therapeutic tool applicable to other sectors (special education, the elderly, mobility and physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, among others)